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RADLab Opportunities

Prospective Graduate Students
If you are applying to the San Francisco State University graduate program in psychology and are interested in decision making and motivated behavior, we encourage you to consider becoming a part of RADLab. As an adviser, Dr. Gaurav Suri makes it his priority to develop productive collaborations with his students. The style of our lab is collegial and very research focused.
Research Position Openings

RADLab is interested in working with SFSU volunteer research assistants during the entire year. Entry level opportunities are available for undergraduates, and leadership roles are available for graduate students. Qualified candidates will be considered for full-time positions in the lab. Psychology and neuroscience majors, especially those interested in pursuing graduate studies in this field, are strongly encouraged to apply.
We are also interested in working with research volunteers at Stanford University. RadLab Director, Dr. Gaurav Suri leads the Hive Research Group, SPL at Stanford University. The Hive Research Group has a modeling focus and is particularly interested in volunteers with interest or experience in programming.
Our goal is to match volunteers to opportunities that best match their interests.
All potentially interested should e-mail with a statement of interest, resume, unofficial transcript, and contact information.
Director of RADLab, Dr. Gaurav Suri
Join us and investigate why we do
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Photo: Shinichi Kogi

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